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About Us!
With 66% of our country overweight and 34% clinically obese, our nation is buried in an obesity epidemic and its only getting worse. Obesity in the U.S. is projected to continue its rise over the next 18 years, extending to 42% of Americans by 2030, according to a CDC study. We are the fattest nation in the world!

Through our nutrition clubs, we are on a mission to fight obesity directly by attacking the cause of the epidemic - lack of proper nutrition. Armed with powerful solutions we deliver real results through the proper delivery of protein, minerals, vitamins, good carbs, fiber, herbs and cellular nutrition. By providing proven health and wellness solutions that are making profound differences in peoples lives, we are making a difference one healthy life at time.

Our wellness solutions are simple, fun and create long lasting results. No drugs! No surgeries! But rather, pure nutritional solutions that will simply change your life. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain, we can help you achieve incredible results!

You get your very own wellness coach that will help you achieve incredible results at absolutely no cost to you. So take the next step and complete the form provided. Find out what everyone is talking about and contact us today!

Our Products & Services!
The Nutrition Coach specializes in wellness coaching and a wellness program to lose weight, eat healthy meals for a balanced diet, get in shape, and gain muscle mass for a better quality of life. Discover your best self and achieve an active lifestyle that will have you feeling and looking great. For healthy foods and healthy snacks, better nutrition and weight loss, fitness workouts, bootcamps, and a better outlook on life, contact The Nutrition Coach for a free one-on-one consultation that includes diet analysis, body composition analysis, protein and caloric intake analysis, ideal weight and wellness evaluation and a plan for healthy and nutritionally balanced weight loss or weight gain.

fitclub In business for over 32 years
fitclub Almost 70 Million Customers worldwide
fitclub In 86 countries with another 60 on the way
fitclub Publicly trade on the NYSE
fitclub Over $5.4 billion dollar business generated in 2012

What will you experience with Herbalife products? A Simple, fun, and magic solution that will help you lose weight, gain muscle, and give you more energy. It's a simple formula! More nutrition with less calories. So take the next step and complete the form provided. Find out what everyone is talking about and contact us today!

Herbalife International
Our nutrition-based wellness products are the best in the world! That's because we leverage Herbalife's powerful healthy solutions to achieve incredible and long lasting wellness results for our customers. We selected Herbalife because of the incredible track record of health and wellness results experienced by millions of people across the world.

Herbalife Products feature healthy meals and healthy snacks that are nutritionally balanced and taste good. They take the guesswork out of maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet and reduce the amount of time spent on shopping and meal planning. With smoothies, teas, snacks and supplements, Herbalife will help you reach and maintain your ideal weight. Opportunities are available for a home-based business. Costa Mesa, Orange County CA

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